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MedsCheck Pharmacy

As we look to the future, we are aware of the rising demand and demands our aging population brings. Free blood pressure checks, free diabetes management advice, and free one-on-one MedsCheck pharmacy consultations with our knowledgeable pharmacists are all provided by HCM Pharmacy.

People taking three or more medications at once are offered the HCM Pharmacy MedsCheck pharmacy service. It is crucial that the drugs you are taking function well together and that your pharmacological therapy is giving you the greatest results possible.

A MedsCheck pharmacy session ensures that your pharmaceutical therapy is more effective by assisting you in understanding the drugs you are taking and what they are intended to be doing.

MedsCheck Pharmacy

Best MedsCheck Services at HCM Pharmacy

Handling many prescriptions is not always easy here at HCM Pharmacy. Patients may have concerns about the directions for taking the drugs that their doctor has given. They could also be worried about a specific drug’s efficacy and negative effects, especially if they use it regularly.

The Meds Check program, a comprehensive examination of drugs, was created to ease worries by enabling patients to schedule one-on-one counseling sessions with their neighborhood pharmacist. Furthermore, these open sessions provide patients with the chance to assure safe and precise instructions for the use of various medications. If a drug needs specific instructions, the pharmacist will put it on the label in clear text. For further reference, printed materials may also be made available.

Book an appointment or contact us at Health Care Mart, your local and reliable Toronto Pharmacy Store, for any assistance regarding medications.

What is MedsCheck

In the MedsCheck program, a pharmacist and patient have a one-on-one conversation to review the patient’s prescription and over-the-counter medications. Certainly, with a MedsCheck, a patient can visit a local pharmacy to talk about their medications with a pharmacist, who can offer advice on what the medications do, how to use and store them, and solve any issues. The maximum number of MedsCheck and Diabetes MedsCheck services a service provider may provide in a calendar month is 20.

MedsCheck Service Toronto

Pharmacists assist patients in understanding medicine names, strengths, side effects, administration directions, and how to get the most out of their prescription prescriptions during a MedsCheck review. A medication list that is accurate and comprehensive is given to patients as part of this service. Additionally, the patient can use any MedsCheck service they choose without paying a penny.

Currently, the Health Care Mart –MedsCheck program offers the following consultation types:

  • MedsCheck Annually: To be eligible for this program, a patient must use three or more prescription drugs for chronic health issues and have a valid Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) card.
  • Diabetes medication checker: yearly MedsCheck for Ontarians with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes who take diabetic medicines.
  • MedsCheck at Home: Ontarians who use three or more prescription drugs yearly for a chronic ailment and cannot get to a community pharmacy are eligible for this service.
  • MedsCheck Long-Term Care (LTC): Residents of licensed long-term care (LTC) facilities in Ontario are entitled to yearly, comprehensive, multidisciplinary medication evaluations and quarterly medication reviews. The pharmacist must perform both evaluations at the LTC resident’s home.
  • MedsCheck Follow-up: The MedsCheck Follow-up expands on the yearly MedsCheck and can be done in the following ways:
      • When a patient leaves the hospital
      • Upon the written judgment of a pharmacist
      • Upon request from a doctor, nurse practitioner, or registered nurse
      • Before a scheduled hospitalization
  • MedsCheck forms and tools: The Ontario Pharmacists Association has created a collection of forms and reference resources to help you implement the MedsCheck program.

Diabetes MedsCheck

A yearly MedsCheck is done for Ontarians with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes who take diabetic medicines. The qualifications for the program do not include the necessity of taking three or more chronic prescription drugs. Additionally, patients are qualified for several follow-up consultations for diabetes education throughout the year to assist in treating diabetes, including food and lifestyle management, insulin education, blood glucose meters and test strips, diabetic supplies, and sharps disposal.

Why Choose HCM Pharmacy for MedsCheck Service in Toronto?

Here are reasons to choose HCM Pharmacy for MedsCheck Toronto.

  • Outstanding Services: You’ll see and feel the difference in our service’s quality and the beneficial effects on your health from our committed personnel. We use cutting-edge robots and other technologies to handle prescriptions quickly and accurately, which reduces wait times.
  • Customer service & free shipping: Please take advantage of our free delivery to folks in the GTA if you have a hectic work schedule or problems commuting. We have several free patient care pharmacy programs to ensure the greatest services.
  • Happy Customers: Customer service at our MedsCheck service, Toronto has a proven track record of success. We provide specialized convenience programs for patients who need to handle various medications and ongoing maintenance.

Call HCM Toronto pharmacy store – for more details about our Medchecks pharmacy service or use the form to book an appointment.


What if I cannot come into the pharmacy for a MedsCheck?

Discuss the MedsCheck at Home program with a member of the HCM Pharmacy team. This program is for people who can’t go to a pharmacy and are on three or more chronic prescription drugs. The ill, weak, elderly, or isolated can benefit from this. Certainly, a pharmacist will come to your house to discuss your prescriptions with you and answer any questions you may have. The pharmacist can assist with organizing your medicine cabinet and removing outdated or unneeded prescriptions.

Am I eligible for A MedsCheck?

Ontario provides funding for the MedsCheck program for:

  • Those who take three or more prescription drugs regularly to treat a chronic illness
  • Anyone with type 1 or type 2 diabetes who has received a diagnosis, even if they are not taking diabetes medication

How can I book a MedsCheck?

Speak with the staff of HCM Pharmacy. We will help you schedule a MedsCheck. Once a year, the HCM pharmacy can make appointments for MedsCheck. Additionally, our pharmacist might contact you after you:

  • Are you leaving or entering the hospital
  • Have you recently changed your medication?
  • Obtain a prescription from your doctor.

What services does the pharmacy offer following the MedsCheck service?

After the consultation and after the pharmacist has resolved any drug therapy issues, which may be immediately after the consultation if there are no issues or when the pharmacist arranges for the record to be provided, the patient receives a MedsCheck Personal Medication Record, which is signed and dated by the pharmacist and shared with the patient’s primary care provider.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Bring these items to your MedsCheck appointment, please:

  • A list of all the drugs you are now taking
  • Any over-the-counter medications, including vitamins and herbal therapies
  • Your OHIP card is current.

Is a MedsCheck consultation fee required?

No. Eligible Ontarians can get free MedsCheck consultations.